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A drawing of boxer Daniel Mendoza, shirtless, holding up his fists as if about to fight.



In January 2023, we began 'Mendoza Mania!'; a brand new project in collaboration with St. Margaret's House and St. Hilda's East Community Centre. Calling everyone interested in Boxing, Jewish and East End heritage!


“Mendoza Mania” investigates the heritage of Daniel Mendoza, a boxer (1764-1836), who lived for a time across the road from St Margaret’s House where he’s credited as writing the first ever sports biography. It’s a local story and highlights issues relevant today: anti-Semitic hate, sporting heroes and masculinity.

As part of this project, we will be devising our very own community play telling the story of Mendoza’s life fighting antisemitism and living in the East End. Look out on our socials for ticket info soon!

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