Voicebox. Digital Package for Schools.

Our new digital package contains 3 key elements each designed to provide your school with the tools to be able to develop a whole school approach to promoting a tender masculinity.

ELEMENT 1 OF 3: Teacher Session

Promoting a tender masculinity that celebrates individuality, champions gender equality, encourages compassion, and develops open-communication, must be advocated across an entire school. The Voicebox Teacher session is delivered virtually directly to teachers, and is designed to provide teachers with the tools to be able to confidently endorse a healthy masculinity within their school. 

ELEMENT 2 OF 3: Student Session

Our team of highly trained facilitators deliver a virtual session directly to your students. Voicebox. is prepped with the best zoom-permitting drama exercises and interactive games to get the mind thinking and the creative juices flowing. We understand issues of gender, identity, sexuality and mental health can be difficult to explore, but with our highly trained facilitators, teachers can feel confident in their students being supported through those sensitive conversations.

ELEMENT 3 OF 3: Resource Package

Finally, Voicebox provides a zero-prep resource pack for teachers to continue to explore masculinity with students. This includes a 1 hour lesson plan with additional notes and guidance.

Who is the Voicebox. Digital Package for?

Our digital package is available for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges. Our highly trained team are able to tailor the content to be age-appropriate.

For example, with Primary School children our focus broadens to exploring gender stereotypes and promoting empathy. For more information on how we can meet the needs of your school please contact

Why Choose the Voicebox Digital Package?

Throughout November 2020, Voicebox delivered a ‘Masculinity in School’ campaign during which we spoke to a range of students and teachers about their experiences of masculinity in their school environment, here are a few of their responses:  


“I don’t believe boy’s can be really themselves or express their real emotions” 


“It often takes the male students much longer to calm down and focus, and often results in their removal from class meaning they miss out on their education” 


“Many of the more aggressive male students respect the male staff because they see them as role models, however, often those students do not see the female staff as equals to the male staff, so having a male dominant leadership team can make it difficult to promote an equality of respect”


When asked ‘Do you feel that either yourself, or other members of staff, reinforce gender norms and male stereotypes? 100% of respondents said yes. 


100% of respondents said they would be ‘Very Interested in a Teacher-focused workshop. 


The results of our campaign make it clear that there is a need for work that explores gender stereotypes and the question of, what does it mean to be a man? Further, it is apparent that sessions for both students and staff would be effective in promoting a tender masculinity across the school community. 

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Can I book one element instead of all 3?

Yes, you can book one of the elements, however we strongly recommend booking the entire package in order to reach the desired outcomes. 


Can Voicebox. deliver a physical workshop? 

Yes, Voicebox. is still delivering physical workshops to schools that are allowed to have external visitors. For more information on our physical workshops please contact   


I have a specific issue in my school, can Voicebox. tailor their package to suit our needs?

Yes, for an additional fee Voicebox. can create a bespoke digital package that is tailored toward the specific issues that exist within your school. 

Is this digital package age-appropriate for Primary School children?

Yes, when we work in Primary School’s we focus our session on celebrating individuality and building empathy.

Which element are you interested in?

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