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Our mission is to help young people explore the impact of masculinity on their lives in order to improve their relationships, wellbeing, and opportunity. One of the ways we do this is through delivering high quality, engaging assemblies that invite students to reflect on masculinity & gender stereotypes. 


*Workshops and assemblies can be delivered individually, or as part of a package (i.e. an assembly to a year group followed by a series of workshops). Check out our workshops here.


  • 82% of students felt empowered to promote healthy masculinity

  • 82% of students felt empowered to embody healthy masculinity 

After this assembly:

In this assembly students will:


  • Understand what masculinity is 

  • Identify where we learn masculinity from 

  • Identify what happens when we live up to masculinity

  • Identify what happens when we don’t live up to Masculinity 

  • Understand what unhealthy masculinity is 

  • Understand what healthy masculinity is

Introduction to Masculinity

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