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Gender & Identity.

Children as young as 3 and 4 have already developed rules of how each gender should look and behave: “Boys play football and wear blue”. “Girls play with dolls and wear pink”. Research shows us that rigid expectations about gender has a significant impact on the development of children. For example: many girls develop a low self-esteem, whilst many boys struggle with poor emotional literacy

Primary ‘What Does it Mean to be Me?’ Workshop (Year 5-6)

In the Voicebox ‘What does it mean to be me?’ workshop, children will meet Abdul, an outer-space alien who is conducting a science project on planet earth. Abdul doesn’t know much about earthlings, so will need your help. Through performance and play the children will celebrate what it means to be me (them!), as well as explore the ways in which gender stereotypes can limit us. Will your students help Abdul pass his science project? 


In our ‘What does it mean to be me?’ workshop children will:


Understand the impact of gender stereotypes.

Express their own identity in a playful and safe environment.

Feel valued for their individual gender expression.

Learn how to communicate with others about gender.

Have an increased understanding of inclusivity.

Secondary ‘What Does it Mean to be Me?’ Workshop (Year 7-11)

Understanding Gender Expression | Breaking Down Stereotypes | Understanding Inclusivity

In this workshop, young people will navigate important discussions around gender expression and social expectations. Through the use of a range of costumes, objects, toys and music, the young people will build their identities and celebrate what it means to be me. 

Interested in Something Slightly Different?

No problem! We can create bespoke workshops to accommodate the needs of your young people. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

Lets get Digital!

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Workshop Details...

Face to Face Workshop


Digital Workshop


Bespoke Workshop

Cost of original workshop +

£20 per hour(s) taken to tailor the workshop.

All workshops are 1 hour 30 minutes in length, and will be led by a professionally trained facilitator from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Whats Next?

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