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Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Modern childhood can be extremely tough. COVID-19, social media, climate change, questions of identity, and the dangers of technology are just some of the issues that young people are faced with. More than ever, learning about ourselves, listening to the experiences of others, and looking after our mental wellbeing is of the utmost importance.  

Primary Wellbeing Workshop (Year 3 - 4)


Meet Vinnie the Elephant. Vinnie is feeling glum and he is not sure how to communicate his feelings to others... But fear not! The children are equipped and ready to help with a range of useful wellbeing techniques. With the help of some newly found friends, the young people will lead Vinnie on a journey of self-discovery. Can your children help Vinnie feel less blue?


In this Wellbeing Workshop children will: 


Increase their emotional vocabulary 

Practice body signals and facial expressions

Share & discover wellbeing techniques 

Learn how to apply wellbeing techniques to certain situations

Secondary Masculinity & Wellbeing Workshop (Year 7-11)

Wellbeing Techniques | Destigmatizing Mental Health | Promoting Mindfulness

In this workshop, young people will engage with the conversation surrounding masculinity and wellbeing. We will explore how pressures to be ‘manly’ can impact our mental health. Through a range of creative drama based activities, the young people will: share and discover wellbeing techniques, destigmatize mental health, and set about normalising the conversation around masculinity and wellbeing. 


Please note that our highly qualified team have designed a workshop that is adaptable to meet their varying needs of students of different ages.

Interested in Something Slightly Different?

No problem! We can create bespoke workshops to accommodate the needs of your young people. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

Let's get Digital!

For more information on digital workshops contact us at

Workshop Details...

Face to Face Workshop


Digital Workshop


Bespoke Workshop

Cost of original workshop +

£20 per hour(s) taken to tailor the workshop.

All workshops are 1 hour 30 minutes in length, and will be led by a professionally trained facilitator from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Whats Next?

Wish to take advantage of Voicebox’s Artsmark offer? or simply want to learn more before making a decision...


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