Our Mission.


To build a healthier society by promoting healthy and tender masculinities. 

Voicebox exists to help solve problems that are in part caused by adolescent boys living up to unhealthy and damaging masculinities. 


Our world is full of kind, loving and brilliant boys, but many avoid the values of what it means to be a "good man" in order to “man-up” and prove they are a “real man”. This results in toxic behaviours and attitudes such as: homophobia, misogyny, violence and crime.

“We are not asking men to be different or to change, we are asking us to remember, we are asking men in-fact not to be different but to be more authentically ourselves”


 - Michael Kimmel TEDxSydney


Our Core Values.

Inclusivity | Creativity | Community | Accessibility


Strive for inclusivity across all areas of the organisation.


High quality workshops and projects that excite and inspire young people.


Relevant work that puts community at the forefront.


Providing opportunities for all.


Masculinity | Mental Health | Drama