Our Mission

At Voicebox. our priority is to create a space for young people to discuss, challenge and question the cultural expectations of what it means to be a man, today.

Our Ethos

Voicebox. delivers an adaptable service that meets the unique and diverse needs of each participant.

Through our research we have developed a unique 4 step method that enables us to equip young people with the skills, confidence and opportunity to be able to explore what it means to be a man:



The participants identify what being a man means to them.


Through drama-based techniques we enable the participants to present to us what being a man looks like. 


We ask if there could be alternative ways of being a man?


Exploring alternatives through a process of reflecting, and rediscovering what being a man means, in a playful, empathetic, and engaging environment.


Why is our method essential?

Importantly, Voicebox. is asking each group what issues exist for them. We are not telling groups what their issues are.


By doing this we allow each group to explore their own unique relationship with what it means to be a man.


This theory and evidence based method ensures that young people engage with the work much more effectively and have a feeling of ownership over the process.

Most significantly our programmes are not a delivery of dry pre-prepared lectures but live evolving experiences tailored to the participants on the day.

Our workshop participants have said...

"Very fun, very clear, very engaging!"

"Helpful to understanding men more"

"We got to talk about taboo topics"

"Kept me on my toes and engaged"

"Something different"

"Engaging and educational"


Our Aims:

Here are some pictures from Voicebox. company launch!

To provide young people in London with an opportunity to understand the effects cultural expectations can have on male's mental health.​

To change the narrative around masculinity and promote compassion, openness and kindness as male strengths & values.

To encourage young males to have deep and meaningful conversations with one another.
To explore negative male behavior towards themselves, other males, and females.




Company number 12026237