Voicebox. 11+ Package.

What is Voicebox. 11+?

Voicebox 11+ is our programme of work which looks into ideas and themes surrounding Masculinity & Identity. This work is aimed towards young people between the ages of 12-18 & students in higher education (HE).

Inside Voicebox. 11+

Our 'Masculinity & Identity’ programme is divided into four 2-hour workshops which can be delivered individually but we recommend taking advantage of all four workshops to give your students the best possible learning experience.


Performance Opportunity 

If you decide to take full advantage of our four-workshop program then Voicebox would be able to work with your young people to create a performance that is designed, created and performed by your young people. This performance can act as a educational piece for year groups, friends and families who were not able to be apart of the program experience!

For more information on these workshops please feel free to contact Jack at jack@voiceboxcic.com

We would love to hear from you!


Voicebox. Primary School Package.

What is Voicebox Primary?

Voicebox Primary is our mixed primary school level programme working with 5-10 year olds. We develop a range of important skills and life lessons for your students through our 'PSHE Through Drama’ approach. Within these high energy workshops we address themes such as:



Equal opportunities

Well being

How to treat others

Mental wellbeing


Our excellent facilitators aim to set-up a variety of exciting role-play scenarios that give your students the chance to actively engage with our workshop themes. Through open discussion we will provide your students with the opportunity to raise questions, share positive techniques and reflect on their own thoughts. Our active approach to learning helps:

  • Build confidence

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Encourage Collaboration

  • To use your Imagination

  • Learn crucial problem solving skills

  • Develop tolerance & empathy.

For more information on these workshops please feel free to contact Jack at jack@voiceboxcic.com - We would love to hear from you!

Customised workshop 

Want something a little bit different? At Voicebox, we are happy to create your very own customised workshop or project to meet the needs of your students. To chat further about your requirements, please email Jack at jack@voiceboxcic.com to get the ball rolling.


Charities & Theatres

Voicebox brand new Charities & Theatres program aims to collaborate alongside specific organisations whose work engages with a diverse range of young people.

By engaging with non profit organisations, Voicebox. aims to broaden its engagement and work with young people in specific marginalised settings. Our team will work alongside organisations to create a long term collection of work that meets the specific needs and/or work of the organisation.


This program will culminate in a performance that showcases the themes discussed over the course of the workshops.

If you work for a charity or theatre, and are interested in how you can involved in this scheme, then please contact Jack at jack@voiceboxcic.com for more information. We’d love to hear from you.  



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