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Hello Artsmark School Partners,

we are Voicebox.

Our mission is to promote a healthy understanding of masculinity, and to educate young people on wellbeing and mental health.

What we do.

Voicebox delivers drama workshops and projects for young people to explore Masculinity and Mental Health. Through our sessions children will engage with a range of themes, such as: 


What Does it Mean to be a Man? 

Masculinity & Relationships 

Masculinity & Wellbeing


LGBTQ+ Community

What people say...

I have booked Voicebox twice to deliver different drama workshops based on anti-bullying and being a role model for KS3. Both times, the workshops were well-planned, appropriate and engaging with a range of resources and tasks designed to suit all learners. I would highly recommend Voicebox for any future workshops.

Mel Gough, Subject Lead in Performing Arts, Harris Academy Tottenham.

We can’t recommend working with Voicebox enough. They are clearly leader

in their field, offering content that is unique and an innovative approach to education. We can’t believe they are only a start-up!

Amy Mander, Head of Global Social Leaders.

Our Artsmark Offer...

Since becoming an Artsmark Partner, Voicebox has committed to the aim of creating accessible, affordable & activity-led content which focuses on engaging young people in important conversations surrounding masculinity & mental health.


The workshops we have created are available for PRIMARY (Year 3 - 6) & SECONDARY (Year 7-13) students. 


During the current recovery process, we are aware that our work has an incredibly positive influence. It has the power to inspire and rekindle curiosity, to reconnect people and spark joy. The sessions that we provide help to make sense of recent experiences, and encourage young people to reflect and grow. As the situation develops and changes our work does so too. This is so we can feel confident in the positive impact of our work, and ensure that we stay relevant and exciting.

The Projects.

Click Here to see our Primary & Secondary Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops

Click Here to see our Primary & Secondary Gender & Identity Workshop

Workshop Details...

All workshops are 1 hour 30 minutes in length, and will be led by a professionally trained facilitator from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Whats Next?

Wish to take advantage of Voicebox’s Artsmark offer? or simply want to learn more before making a decision...


Contact Jack at:


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