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A photo from Voicebox's East End Masculinities project. Actors Jasraj, Alex and Barry are stood beside each other, in front of a plain black curtain, looking at the camera with neutral expressions. Jasraj, who is stood on the left, has short dark brown hair and is wearing glasses, a black t-shirt, and a silver chain. Alex, who is stood in the middle, has short brown hair, and is wearing a grey hoodie. Barry, who is stood on the right, has short dark brown hair, and is wearing a white vest.

East End


Our East End Masculinities show took place at St Margaret's House on Saturday 22nd October 2022.

The 10-week programme for boys aged 14-18 in Tower Hamlets culminated in a 40-minute devised show exploring what it means to be a young man in the East End.

Through workshops, masterclasses and performance-based exercises, participants generated a script drawn from their own experiences which they brought to life on stage.

A packed audience came to see this young company tell their tale of all things 'man'. The good, the bad, and all things in between.

Watch the show

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