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About Voicebox.

Our mission is to make the world a better place by promoting healthy masculinity. We provide drama-based workshops, assemblies and projects which engage and inspire young people to be agents of change in our society.

A photo of facilitator Jack leading a workshop with a group of young people. The young people are stood at the back of a rehearsal room in a line, smiling and looking at Jack, who is facing towards the camera, explaining something using his hands.

Why we do it

Unhealthy masculinity teaches us that boys and men must be dominant, heterosexual, and anti-feminime ("don't be a girl"). These lessons negatively impact everybody in society. It teaches boys that being gay is wrong, that women are lesser than men, and that suffering is weak and not 'manly'. These attitudes can lead to homophobia, misogyny and serious mental health issues.

We know that if we challenge these unhealthy elements of masculinity, and promote healthy masculinity in its place we can make the world a better place for everybody. 


Strive for inclusivity across all areas of the organisation.


High quality workshops and projects that excite and inspire young people.


Relevant work that puts community at the forefront.

Our values

Meet the team

Jack Tricker

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Jack is our Project and Outreach Director who is Engagement Officer at Eastern Angles.

Andy Hill

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Andy is our Managing Director and has also studied an MSc in Clinical Health Psychology and Wellbeing.

A headshot of Fredi Beard. He is a white european man with a dark brown beard. He is wearing a white, red and green striped shirt, and is looking at the camera with a neutral expression.

Fredi Beard

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Fredi is our Finance and Administration Director and has also completed an MSc in Creative Arts and Mental Health.

John Scallon

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John is our Marketing and Social Media Director.

A headshot of Jack Tricker, in front of a light grey backdrop.. Jack is a white British man with short dark brown hair and a short beard. He is wearing a red and dark green tartan shirt, and is smiling directly at the camera.
A headshot of John Scallon. He is a mixed white/Asian man with short curly dark brown hair. He is wearing glasses, a plain black t-shirt, and is smiling at the camera.
A headshot of Andy Hill in front of a light grey backdrop. Andy is a white British man with short curly ginger brown hair and a medium length beard. He is wearing a pale pink top and is smiling at the camera.
A group photo of Voicebox facilitators amongst members of School Staff at a secondary school enrichment day.

Marketing and Social Media Officer

Annie Chadwick (She/Her)

Voicebox Facilitators

Tom Chamberlain (He/Him) 
Cecilia Garcia (She/Her) 
Allen McGlynn (He/Him) 
Benjamin Teare (He/Him)
Will Hudson (He/Him) 
Sibylla Archdale Kali
d (She/Her) 
Becky Moses
Amber Obasi (She/Her) 
Susanna O’Brien (She/Her) 

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