About Voicebox.

What do we do?


Don’t Cry | Man Up | Win At All Costs | Be Reckless    Dominate | Be Heterosexual

Don't be a Girl.

These are the lessons being taught to our boys.


Our work challenges all of the negative aspects of masculinity, and promotes a healthy masculinity that teaches boys to:  


Care | Be Vulnerable | Be Responsible | Love | Share | Communicate | Listen | Be Authentic| Value Women  Love Yourself. 


How we do it?

Drama and performance enables young people to;


  • Apply understanding and theory to real-life situations. 

  • Engage with sensitive issues, such as: gender, sexuality and mental health through the use of characters and stories. 

  • Develop empathy through working collaboratively with others

  • Take risks, be vulnerable, make creative choices, and develop confidence


Our drama workshops create an environment where learning is engaging and student led

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Jack Tricker

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Has worked with: Kiln Theatre, Hoxton Hall, London Bubble, Reprezent FM, Fresh Arts & New Wolsey Theatre.

 Jack is also a theatre maker. He is one half of theatre company Botch Job who have recently performed at Starting Blocks at Camden People’s Theatre, Pulse Festival at New Wolsey Theatre & 5 Minute Call at The Cambridge Junction.  

Specialises in company outreach & engagement with schools, institutions and the wider community.

Project and Outreach Director.


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John Scallon

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Has experience in creating, producing and directing theatre projects for a range of community groups. 

Has extensive training in workshop facilitation, and has immersed himself in the study of  Gender & Sexuality.

Has a passion for understanding the world of media and marketing, and continues to diversify his skill-set by researching the various components that make-up this role.

Marketing & Social Media Director.


The Team.

All of the Voicebox Directors 

graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a BA in Drama, Applied Theatre, and Education and are highly trained in drama workshop facilitation.

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Andy Hill

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Has previous arts practitioner experience includes working with: Hoxton Hall, Boomtown, Fresh Arts, Total Insight Theatre and 2020 Dreams.

Specialises in designing PSHE workshops. Andy’s portfolio includes workshops in: Building Confidence, Mental Health & Positive Thinking, Healthy Relationships, Promoting Cultural Awareness, Exploring Identity, Sex Education, and more. Andy is currently studying an MSc in Clinical Health Psychology and Wellbeing at Middlesex University.

Managing Director.


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Fredi Beard

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Has devised and performed a range of theatre work including: theatre for under 5's, clowning & physical theatre productions, and showcases at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Has strong academic understanding of masculinity and gender issues. Completed an MSC in Creative Arts and Mental Health at Queen Mary University.

His academic expertise ensures that Voicebox’s work is grounded strongly in contemporary theory of: masculinities, mental health & theatre practice.

Finance and Administration Director.