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Children are under so much pressure to fit in.

Our new KS2 workshop, "Celebrating Diversity: Fitting In, Gender, and Me," is designed to build students' confidence in being themselves as they prepare for secondary school. By exploring the concepts of fitting in and gender, students will develop strategies to support individuality and celebrate what makes them unique.

KS2: Celebrating Diversity: Fitting In, Gender, and Me.

In the workshop the students will:

  • Define and understand the concept of "fitting in".

  • Reflect on their personal experiences related to fitting in.

  • Explore and develop strategies to support individuals who feel like they don't fit in.

  • Define and understand the concept of “gender”.

  • Analyse and challenge assumptions about gender roles and stereotypes.

  • Consider the impact of gender expectations.

  • Understand the importance of accepting others for who they are.

  • Empower students to support each other's unique interests and passions.

  • Build confidence and resilience through recognising and celebrating what makes them unique.

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