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A photo of actor Barry. He is sat on stage with a white, blue and red striped barbers cloak on, holding a bright pink football, smirking and looking to the side. Behind him, Jasraj, whose face is cut off by the shot, is holding up a mirror, showing the back of Barry's head.



A photo of two people's legs who are stood next to each other outside on a road.

Gender, Harassment and Abusive Relationships

Our Gender, Harassment, and Abusive Relationships project for secondary schools in Harrow begins in October 2023 and is kindly funded by Harrow Council.

The programme will involve an assembly for all students in a year group, followed by two workshops running simultaneously: one for boys and one for girls . We will work with the school to explore the best solution for students who are non-conforming or who feel at risk being split in such a way. Following our project, we will consult the school on how to continue the learning; encouraging all genders to come together.

If you've got an idea for a project and are interested in running one with us, get in touch with Jack at

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