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A photo of a group of children performing on a brightly lit stage. Behind the children is a white backdrop. The children are smiling with each other.

Play in

a Week

In August 2019, we worked with Hoxton Hall's participation team as part of their summer programme to run 'Play in a Week': a week-long project working with 7-10 year olds to produce a theatre piece. This show was performed on Hoxton Hall's main stage on the last day to an audience of friends and family.

Hoxton Hall in Hackney offers free arts activities for young people 7-19 which varies from arts, music, drama and dance. Over the course of the project we worked with 25 participants, and created a piece of theatre which explored gender stereotypes with a specific focus on 'celebrating difference'. 

Here's what we got up to...

If you've got an idea for a project and are interested in running one with us, get in touch with Jack at

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