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A portrait photo of a smiling young man. The young man is black with short dark hair. He is wearing a white hoodie and is smiling brightly at the camera. He is stood in front of a white wall.
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Reflection & Discovery

In January 2023, we launched our Reflection & Discovery Programme in collaboration with Arts Depot and The Pavilion Pupil Referral Unit in Barnet. 

Research indicates that unhealthy masculine norms play a part in many social and health-related issues, including: men’s poor mental health, VAWG, violence, incel’s, and extremism. To address these issues, it is critical that we work with boys to challenge harmful norms, and explore healthy alternatives, so that they, and others can live safe, happy and fulfilled lives.

Within this 12 week process, we lead creative activities with young men to form positive and effective relationships and reflect on and question the masculine norms which they hold. We explore how these norms negatively impact their lives, before unpacking how they impact the lives of people around them.

If you've got an idea for a project and are interested in running one with us, get in touch with Jack at

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