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A photo of facilitator Fredi leading a workshop with a group of young adults, inside a large rehearsal room. The room  has dark brick walls and light wooden flooring. Fredi is stood in front of one of the young adults, explaining something to the large group. The other young people stand in front of chairs and listen. Facilitator Andy is stood at the side of the group, watching.

Social Prescribing

In Spring 2023, we ran Social Prescribing Project, a collaborative project alongside St. Margaret’s House. This project aimed to gather information on men and social prescribing, and engage men in social prescribing.


We delivered creative workshops to people in Tower Hamlets, which culminated in a day of events in March 2023 for both young people and adults in the community of Tower Hamlets and East London. 

If you've got an idea for a project and are interested in running one with us, get in touch with Jack at

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