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4 interactive drama and discussion based workshops that meet the PSHE and RSE curriculum

Healthy Masculinity

Students will learn: 

  • Definitions of healthy & unhealthy masculinity 

  • Where & who we learn ‘how to be a man’ from

  • Tangible methods for promoting healthy masculinity 

  • And more…

Healthy Relationships

Students will learn:

  • What makes a relationship healthy

  • How unhealthy masculinity can negatively impact relationships

  • Methods to prevent the negative impact of unhealthy masculinity on relationships 

  • And more…

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Students will learn:

  • What aspects of their lives increase their wellbeing 

  • How unhealthy masculinity negatively impacts wellbeing

  • How healthy masculinity can increase their wellbeing, and that of others around them 

  • And more…

The Role of Men in Ending VAWG (Allyship)

Students will learn:

  • How unhealthy masculinity perpetuates misogyny, VAWG & Rape Culture 

  • A definition of allyship, and it’s benefits all 

  • Identify tangible methods of being an ally to sexual violence survivors, women, and others in their communities.

Our workshops are appropriate for all secondary school and college year groups. They are between 60 and 90 minute in length.

Our facilitators are highly skilled in reacting to what the students bring to each session and we ask students to define what masculinity means to them.

This ensures workshops and conversations on masculinity are relevant to the experiences, lives and masculinity of students.

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Who we have worked with

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What they say...

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96% of students would like us to come back and work with them again.

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92% of students have a better understanding of how masculinity can impact relationships. 


96% of students feel empowered to embody and/or promote healthy masculinity after the session.

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100% of teachers felt students benefited from the session 


100% of teachers said it was very useful to explore masculinity as part of relationships education.

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