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At Voicebox, we believe in learning through doing. That's why we offer drama-based interactive workshops to help participants unpack challenging conversations in a safe and inclusive environment.


Led by a team of expert facilitators, all our workshops are 90 minutes long, however we can adapt any of our workshops in length/content to suit your organisation's needs. 


*Workshops and assemblies can be delivered individually, or as part of a package (i.e. an assembly to a year group followed by a series of workshops). Check out our assemblies here.



  • 92% of participants have a better understanding of how masculinity can impact relationships.

  • 96% of participants would like us to come back to deliver something different.

  • 100% of teachers/leaders felt participants benefited from the session 

After this workshop:

In this workshop participants will:


  • Reflect on and connect with positive relationships they have in their lives

  • Consider what makes these relationships positive and healthy

  • Identify the benefits of having healthy relationships 

  • Define key terms (such as gender stereotypes and/or gendered social norms) 

  • Recall and discuss gendered social norms / gender stereotypes and their negative impact  

  • Analyse ‘real-life’ scenarios of relationships that have some kind of conflict (e.g. rejection, peer pressure, etc.)

  • Discuss how gender stereotypes may be impacting the real-life relationship scenarios

  • Propose and practically explore solutions to overcome the conflict

  • Commit to challenging gender stereotypes and improving their relationships

Healthy Relationships

After this workshop:

After this workshop:

After this workshop:


  • 100% of teachers felt the students benefited from the workshop 

  • 100% of teachers felt it was "extremely useful" to explore masculinity as part of wellbeing education

Masculinity & Wellbeing


  • Define key terms (such as mental health, mental illness and wellbeing) 

  • Explore ways of looking after our mental health (e.g. learning about what contributes to wellbeing; emotions; and coping mechanisms)

  • Understand the differences between mental health and mental illness

  • Explore the role of masculinity in mental health (particularly help-seeking, emotional suppression, and shame) 

  • Learn what to do if you are the person someone comes to because they are struggling or if you think someone is struggling

In this workshop participants will:

In this workshop participants will:

Healthy Masculinity:

What it means to be a ‘good’ man


  • Define key terms (healthy and unhealthy masculinity)

  • Discuss reasons as to why we should aspire toward healthy masculinity 

  • Learn about what ‘healthy masculinity’ is in practice / in-action

  • Understand the negative impacts of unhealthy masculinity

  • Practically explore ways of doing healthy masculinity

After this workshop:

Violence Against Women & Girls:

The role of men

*We are currently re-working this workshop*

Due​ to ongoing changes in our current society and news headlines in regard to gender, violence, and misogynistic influencers such as Andrew Tate, we are re-visiting our approach to this workshop so that it is as effective and valuable to participants as possible.


We are still taking bookings for this workshop and would be happy to adapt it around your organisation's needs.

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